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Research using the NFID

Since the NFID is a “demonstration” project, CAFC and the NFID partners were delighted to fund 10 research teams from across Canadian Universities to conduct studies using the NFID data. The studies help answer important questions and demonstrate the range of the database. You can find below a list of the research projects and the links to access them as well as their presentation documents.


Developing a fire response stimulation test bench based on NFIDView PresentationYork UniversityAdriano O. Solis, Ali Asgary, Jenaro Nosedal-Sanchez, and Beatrice Zaccaro
Fire and Disasters Examining Fire Incidents During Major Disasters and Emergencies in CanadaView PresentationYork UniversityAli Asgary, Hadi Rezvani, and Jenaro Nosedal-Sanchez
The Epidemiology of Residential Fires Among Children and Youth in CanadaView PresentationBC Injury Research and PreventionJennifer Smith, Arpreet Dhinsa, Fahra Rajabali, Alex Zheng, Samantha Bruin, Ian Pike
Firefighter Injuries Relative to Fire Response CharacteristicsView PresentationLakehead UniversityKathryn E. Sinden Rkin, PhD; Amanda L. Lorbergs PhD; Joy C. MacDermid PT, PhD; Laura Deschamps
Fire and at risk populations in Canada : Analysis of the Canadian National Fire Information DatabaseMurdoch UniversityDr. Joe Clare and Ms Hannah Kelly
Fire Risk Assessment Model for Residential Buildings Using Bow-tie MethodView PresentationUBC OkanaganRachid Ouache, Rajeev Ruparathna, Rehan Sadiq, Kasun Hewage
Remote Sensing of Wildland Fire-induced Risk : Assessment FrameworkView PresentationUniversity of CalgaryQuasi K. Hassan, M. Razu Ahmed, Khan R. Rahaman
Home Cooking Structure Fires in Four Canadian Jurisdictions : Analyses of the National Fire Information Database, 2005 to 2014University of ReginaRozzet Jurdi-Hage. PhD
The Role of Insurance in Reducing the Frequency and Severity of Fire LossesView PresentationWilfrid Laurier UniversityMary Kelly, Anne Kleffner, Martin Halek and David Nickerson
Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches to Investigate the Factors Affecting Fire IncidentsYork UniversityZijiang Yang, You Liu