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Earlier this week, the first meeting of the National Fire Information Database (NFID) project team took place at the offices of Rhapsody Strategies.

While it can sometimes be difficult to get excited about governance, it is nonetheless absolutely essential to have the right framework in place in order to effectively and smoothly undertake a Pilot Project of this magnitude. This $1,1 million, three project will require a combination of both rigour and flexibility as we test a sophisticated model for the synthesis of Canada’s national fire information.

Out of this first session, the team was able to complete a number of key activities to set the foundation for the project:

  • Finalize the full project plan and timelines
  • Establish the Steering Committee that will provide oversight and guidance during the course of the project
  • Define a formal Project Evaluation Process as well as a clear and continual evaluation strategy to measure progress and impact
  • Establish the project’s Risk Mitigation Plan to enable us to operate with confidence

These activities set the stage for the more detailed work ahead as we engage Statistics Canada to start to assemble the data and prepare it for detailed analysis in the months ahead.
Trefor Munn-Venn,
Deputy Project Manager